Badrinath Yatra Dham

About Badrinath Yatra

Badrinath Yatra, also have second name called Badrinarayan Temple Yatra , is a notable Char Dham Temple in India As well as in Chardham of Uttarakhand. Badrinath dham height from 3,300 meters (10827 feet) above sea leel on the bank of Alaknanda River .It is committed to Lord Vishnu and is situated in Badrinath town. The temple  Alongside the Badrinath sanctuary, the Town of Badrinath has the Panch Badri sanctuaries including Yog Dhyan Badri, Bhavishya Badri, Adi Badri, and Vriddha Badri.The sanctuary has North Indian style engineering with stone dividers and carvings, as well as a vivid and strong. Badrinath Yatra is 650km from haridwar and return to Haridwar .Badrinat Yatra covers many place like Saraswati udgam , Vedvyas Guha ,Bheem pul ,Dev prayag , Rudraprayag, Rishikesh , Nand prayag , Vishnuprayag and India,s first village Mana gaon. Badrnath Yatra normally take 3 days from haridwar to Haridwar or Rishikesh.

The Badrinath Yatra tirtha derives its name from the native word Badri, which refers to a variety of wild berry. Badrinath temple history has its own uniqueness and Legendaryness. There are a lot of tales about Badrinath temple. One which states that when Lord Vishnu sat in penance in these mountains, His spouse Goddess Laxmi took the appearance of a berry tree and shielded Him from the fierce sun. It is not only the Lord’s dwelling place, but also the abode of countless pilgrims, saints, and sages who come to meditate in search of enlightenment.

According to SkandPuran the idol of Lord Badrinath was recovered by Adiguru Shankaracharya from NaradKund and was re-enshrined in the 8th century A.D. in this temple. Skanda Purana describes more about the place and says: “There are several sacred shrines in heaven, on earth, and in hell; but there is no shrine like Badrinath.” Badrinath Dham is in last dham of Chardham Yatra and its important is Main in Indian ideology.

Nearby Places

Satopanth Tal

neelkanth hill from Badrinath temple by best travel agent in haridwar


chamba new tehri

Hemkund Sahib

Why Visit Badrinath Hill Station?

In the opening time of six months of Badrinath, pilgrims can travel in any season but if you want a hectic free journey then choose the months of end season of yatra. The best time to visit Badrinath is September and October. May and June season is also ok to visit Badrinath but because of huge number of pilgrims you can face high rates of hotels and long queues outside the temple. During monsoon, there is much possibility of landslides and road block because of mountainous road and heavy rainfall. So our team will suggest you to visit Badrinath in the month of October or November.


This place is believed to have been established by King Pandu, father of Pandavas. It is situated at 4 kms from GovindGhat, 219 kms from Kedarnath and 24 kms from Badarinath. There are two temples – one for Lord Yoga Badari Narayan and the other for Lord Vasudev. During winter, Lord Vasudev temple functions as the abode for Lord Badari Narayan and all the daily rituals connected with worship are performed here. Both the temples are centuries old.


Valley Of Flowers

It is an irresistible destinations for naturalists, ecologists, environmentalists, zoologists, ornithologists, trekkers, tourist and pilgrims, the valley was introduced to the world in 1937 as the Valley of Flowers by Frank S. Smith who was a mountaineer, an explorer and a Botanist also mountaineer, explorer and botanist. The valley of flowers remains snow covered from November to May but when the ice envelop thaws in June it is a signal for profusion of colors hidden in petals of alpine herbs to blaze during July & August.

Hemkund Sahib Temple

Hemkund Sahib is one of the most famous Gurudwara, located at an altitude of 4320 meters above sea level. Lying in heavenly environs, the place is revered both by Hindus and Sikhs, as well as for people from other faiths it is an important pilgrimage. The glaciers from Hathi Parvat & Sapt Rishi Peaks feed the lake and small stream called Himganga flows out of this lake.
chamba new tehri


This is a famous skiing destinations of India with natural slopes perfect for skiing. Auli in the Himalayas of Uttarakhand offers exciting skiing opportunities to beginners and advanced skiers. Just 16 km from Joshimath on the Badarinath route, Auli offers a 180 degree of panoramic view of Himalayan peaks like the Nanda Devi (7817 m), Kamet (7756 m), Mana Parvat (7273 m) & Dunagiri (7066 m).
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